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From payment until completion, please allow 3 - 4 weeks.

Email to order.

Bench [Flat]

GST Included
Frame Colours
Pad Colours
  • This bench is built to competition Powerlifting specifications, is easy to move around, and the padding is hard to compress, i.e. will not become soft and spongy over time.

    Padding is now DOUBLE THICKNESS than what it used to be!

    Some customer reviews are as follows - 

    Tim Frede " ... If you want a bench that will last forever, this is the one to get ... I highly recommend this bench ... "

    Jack Davey " ... It is of the highest quality construction ... I would recommend the product for anyone looking for a bench that can stand up to whatever you throw at it ... "

    Chris Mooney " ... thanks for the great bench! Sturdy flat bench with a pad you don't slip on. Everything you need and nothing you don't ... "


    Handle - $22.00

    Wheels - $22.00 

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