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We offer products in the following categories - 



Most products can be ccustomized to suit your individual needs, so don’t be afraid to ask.


Equipment Delivery


Customers are welcome to pick up their equipment by appointment, or have the equipment freighted by courier [please contact us for a freight price].




All prices are in Australian Dollars and include G.S.T. 




Please take note of the approximate timeframes of the equipment you order. 


Ordering [Australia]


Using the contact form on this site, include the following - a full delivery address, name of contact person, and a contact phone number. 

I will be in touch A.S.A.P. to confirm order, and will then send an invoice with payment details.

Once payment is received, the job will proceed.

Ordering [Overseas]


Orders from outside Australia are to follow the above procedures, with the additional note -

  • An invoice will be sent to you via PayPal.

  • Freight price quoted will not include any Tariffs, Duties, or Taxes that may be charged by your country's customs upon arrival.

  • If charged, these Tariffs, Duties, or Taxes are the customer’s responsibility to pay and are NOT DETERMINED BY TORONTO BARBELL.



All customer information [emails, phone numbers, addresses, etc.] that may be collected by Toronto Barbell for freight purposes is treated with the utmost privacy, and will not be disclosed to any parties, except for freight purposes.




Toronto Barbell’s line of gym equipment can be used for just about anyone for any athletic endeavour. Any physical exercise can be strenuous, and injuries can occur from time to time. Any correspondence between Toronto Barbell and the customer is solely at the customer’s responsibility and cannot be substituted for a professional health care’s advice. Always consult your doctor / health care professional before starting any diet and / or exercise regime. Toronto Barbell is not at fault for any injuries which may occur while using our equipment.




All quotes provided by Toronto Barbell are valid for 30 days. Toronto Barbell reserves the right to refuse the action of a quote older than this time period.




No material [photos, text, videos, etc.] may be used without the prior express written consent from Toronto Barbell.

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