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Flat Bench Review [4 / 4 / '16]

Jack Davey - Powerlifter 4 / 4 / ‘16

After using the Powerlifting Competition Racks that Chris purchased, Jack recently purchased a Flat Bench. This is what he had to say -

" G'day Mark!! Just dropping you a message to let you know I'm loving the flat bench!! Thanks again! Jack "

Jack Davey – Powerlifter 27 / 5 / `16

I Bought a Flat Bench from Mark (Bench only no rack) a few months ago and it is of the highest quality construction. The bench is very grippy, Stable and the pad doesnt compress under heavy loads like most benchs. I would recommend the product for anyone looking for a bench that can stand up to whatever you throw at it. The full review is also on our Facebook Page -

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