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Custom Monolift Arms Review [28 / 2 / '21]

Paul Rataczak Ohio, United States of America, 28 / 2 / ‘21

I recently contracted Mr. Roskell to build a pair of custom monolifts for my power rack, as there was nothing available for 2x2 square tubing, with 1 inch holes, much to my dismay. I was able to find his website ( after doing a little bit of creative googling, and discovered that Mr. Roskell makes a wide variety of custom gym equipment, including monolifts.

One of my biggest concerns was the total price to have the monolifts both built, and shipped to me, as overseas freight is unfortunately quite expensive. An additional concern was that I needed certain assurances, given the relatively high total cost involved - namely, that the monolifts would fit my rack, that he would personally guarantee that the monolifts would arrive at my doorstep, and that the load limit was up to reasonable standards.

And I must say, Mr. Roskell came through in every way. The crafstmanship is remarkable, and it was quite clear from the very first time I used them that I made a wise investment.

I found Mr. Roskell to be a pleasure to work with - both fair-minded, and exceptionally intelligent. Do not hesitate to contract him to build monolifts, or any other equipment for your home gym needs, this man knows what he is doing, and he will treat you with respect.

Thanks so much, Mr. Roskell.

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