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Custom Dip Handles / Farmers Walk Review [1 / 9 / '10]

Kelly Biddle Wednesday, 1 / 9 / ‘10

"Big Thanks to Toronto Barbell. My purchase was in every way the success I'd hoped it would be! Buying my husband a surprise gift (farmers walk handles) turned out to be one of the best surprises he's ever had. Thankyou for making it happen! My husband had ordered the Dip Handles at the same time with you and so not only did you have to communicate with him on it's status but also with me on the progress off my purchase. I appreciate the effort you put in to keep it a secret. You did so well to juggle the both of us, big thumbs up! I also appreciate the effort you put into shipping the farmers walk handles without my husbands knowledge. My husband being a shift worker made it quite challenging for the both of us. Will highly recommend you!!! Thankyou" Kelly Biddle

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