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Box Squat / Weight Releasers Review [21 / 9 / '07]

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Wayne Willis, a Shot-putter from Mt. Gambier, South Australia

On seeing the original Toronto Barbell Box Squat Box and Weight Releasers, his thoughts even before using were -

"...hi the stuff works very well...will spend sometime getting it set up tommorrow...thanks so much...cheers...wayne..."

After using both the Box Squat Box and Weight Releasers he had the following to say -

"hi mark...The box is great - very solid, i feel very confident with weight on my back to sit down on it. It adjusts well and has been great for low work. I think i got my measurements wrong, i should have got it 2 inches higher for above parallel work. However my knees felt great afterwards, which is why i got the box...The weight releaser work ok, they release off the bar and are very easy to adjust. They handle 30kgs easy. I havent gone higher but im confident they will handle quite a bit more than that..."

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