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Box Squat / Weight Releasers Review [21 / 9 / '07]

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Wayne Willis, a Shot-putter from Mt. Gambier, South Australia

On seeing the original Toronto Barbell Box Squat Box and Weight Releasers, his thoughts even before using were -

"...hi mark...got the stuff yesterday...it works very well...will spend sometime getting it set up tommorrow...thanks so much...cheers...wayne..."

After using both the Box Squat Box and Weight Releasers he had the following to say -

"hi mark...The box is great - very solid, i feel very confident with weight on my back to sit down on it. It adjusts well and has been great for low work. I think i got my measurements wrong, i should have got it 2 inches higher for above parallel work. However my knees felt great afterwards, which is why i got the box...The weight releaser work ok, they release off the bar and are very easy to adjust. They handle 30kgs easy. I havent gone higher but im confident they will handle quite a bit more than that..."

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