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From payment until completion, please allow 4 - 6 weeks.

Email to order.

Glute Ham Raise [home model]

GST Included
Frame Colours
Pad Colours
  • A necessity for the serious trainer, due to the large number of exercises that can be performed.

    This piece is critical for anyone who takes training seriously, as you can train your posterior chain with zero spinal compression as well.

    Also, many Abdominal exercises can be performed as well.

    Features are as follows -

    • Padding is now DOUBLE THICKNESS
    • Tilted Knee Pad
    • Easy to use step for mounting / dismounting
    • Sturdy Frame
    • Handles

    Extras - 

    • Chrome Slide Rail - $154

    #torontobarbell #glutehamraise #powerlifting #hamstrings #strength #strong

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