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Hex Grippers

GST Included
Frame Colours
  • These are a great way to challenge your open grip! Instead of having to have many sets of Hex Head Dumbells just so members of your gym can train grip, why not just have one, which you can change the weight on!

    After a few sets of holding these for about 30 seconds each set, your grip / forearms will be on fire! And yes, you can use chalk, it is not heating.

    Keep track of records with different / times and watch your grip strength soar!

    I know for myself, the most frustrating part of missing a Deadlift is when I have strength to spare, but my grip gives out.

    There are 2 sizes, pictured is the normal size. If you have smaller than average hands, the smaller size is for you.

    To see the video of how these work, CLICK HERE!

    Weights and model not included.

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