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Competition Weight Holders [pair]

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  • These Competition Weight Holders can handle a LOT of weight [8 x 25 kg Eleiko steel plates and one more of each demonination under that], and come with heavy duty wheels that lock in place. This makes it much easier to set up the competition platform, or warm up area, because the weights can be moved around much easier.

    Also, the weights are a much more ergonomic height for the spotters, who, lets face it, always have a very rough day as it is already!

    Why not make it easxier for the spotters to do what they are really there for, instead of doing thousands of stiff legged deadlifts loading and unloading weights all day?

    These can be customised in 3 ways -

    1 - To take more weights, or bumper plates, and will be priced accordingly.

    2 - Withought sheeting in the 4 sides [reducing the price by $198]

    3 - Custom logos can be laser cut and bolted to the sides, but will cost extra.