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From payment until completion, please allow 4 - 6 weeks.

Email to order.

Bench Press Safety Stands

GST Included
Frame Colours
  • Never Bench Press alone and in danger again!

    We have been lucky enough to travel around this fabulous country a fair bit over the last couple of years, throughout 3 states..

    While this is great, as a competitive Powerlifter it can be quite frustrating at times trying to find somewhere adequate and SAFE to train. It is also scary, when I see almost every commercial gym I've been, all having one thing in common - Bench Press Stations with NO ADJUSTABLE SAFETY BARS and young bucks training hard, sometimes alone, and almost getting stuck with a loaded barbell on their chest / throat.

    I know, it almost happened to me with 140 kg's many years ago.

    This boggles my mind as it is just so unsafe [people die every year from being stuck under the barbell in a failed Bench Press]. 

    Looking at things from a liability point of view as well, one would think the gym has a duty of care to their patronage to provide the necessary safety precautions with all movements.

    This is where the Toronto Barbell Bench Press Safety Racks come in, to literally save more than the day.

    Some benefits of, & notes about the Toronto Barbell Bench Press Safety Racks - 

    • Initial consultation period is free

    • They are the same as the Safety Racks on our Powerlifting & Bench Press Competition Racks [so they can handle a LOT of weight]

    • They can be custom made for almost any Bench Press Station [both in commercial and home gyms]

    • The customer will be required to provide some measurements and / or photos

    • They are made to be closely adjustable so they provide maximum safety for all lifters big and small

    • The customer may be required to drill some holes per side to bolt these stands to their Bench Press station securely [if the customer is located not too far from Newcastle / Lake Macquarie in New South Wales, this can be done for a small extra charge]

    • Price may vary depending on the level of customisation required.

    So, what are you waiting for?

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