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Power Harness

Save your Neck & Shoulders from wear and tear!

Here at Toronto Barbell, we are proud to announce we now have a range of Harnesses to suit your strength training needs.

Front / Zercher Harness

Front Squats are one of the must do exercises. Unfortunately, many people can't do them for a variety of reasons [lack of joint flexibility,  shoulder irritation, etc.].

Those issues are now a thing of the past, when you purchase the Toronto Barbell Front / Zercher Squat Harness, that is.

And, as an added bonus, Zecher Squats can now be performed without elbow discomfort with our adjustable Zercher Squat attachment, which is included.

Powerpole Harness

This unit hits the Lower Back & Core like no other, even while walking! 

Can be used while Deadlifting as well, & also with Bands for that extra kick!

Comes with 2 Lock Pins, & 1 Collar.

Power Harness

Save your Neck & Shoulders from wear & tear!

The Toronto Barbell Power Harness is designed to save your Neck & Shoulders while still performing all types of Squats, Good Mornings, Step-Ups, Lunges, etc., making it great for sports like Rugby League & Union!

This comes with the following attachments - 

1 - Front / Zercher Squat

2 - Powerpole

3 - Back Squat

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