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Why It Is A Good Idea To Outfit Your Gym With Toronto Barbell Equipment

This interview was originally published on the 21st December, 2015.

This short article will fully explain why your gym will be all the better for having equipment

from Toronto Barbell in it. There are many reasons why this is the case, and they will be fully explained in the following passages.


Nearly every item on our website can be customized to some extent.

Even if you have something in mind, but haven't seen it for sale anywhere, through consultation,

we can design it for you.

This is beneficial for everyone - the customer gets what he / she wants, and Toronto Barbell get another innovative product to sell to athletes and gyms across Australia.

Customer Service

We are available to answer any questions any time, whether it be on Facebook or by email.

We can keep you updated with the progress of your order, via photos, emails, messages on

Facebook, etc. This personal touch has proved a winner with many clients over the last decade.

Australian Made

Since August 2005, all of the items we sell here are Australian made, and my suppliers are small

Australian businesses as well. Buying from Toronto Barbell helps a small, family

owned Australian business grow.

Sturdy Construction - built by a Powerlifter

Having spent several decades in both heavy metal fabrication as a qualified Boilermaker and

Powerlifting as a competitive athlete, I have a strong understanding how to design and fabricate

strong, lasting, and safe gym equipment.

Have you ever looked at a so called Power Rack in a commercial gym and seen the wall

thickness of the uprights is about the same as a sheet of cardboard, or the safety pin holes are so

far apart that all they do is lure you into a false sense of security?

How about the so-called Bench Press stations - I've never seen one in a commercial gym that has

any sort of safety device to catch a failed Bench Press attempt [trust me, a real life saver], and

they all have so few J-Hook attachments which make it terrible for the vast majority to un-rack.

Here at Toronto Barbell we understand that these little things, and many others, add

up to make a huge difference.

So now you know what possible benefits there is when purchasing equipment from Toronto

Barbell. We look forward to helping you become bigger, stronger, faster, or whatever your goal


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