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Flat Bench & Power Rack Review [12 / 1 / '15]

Colin Townes Brisbane, Australia, Monday, 12 / 1 / ‘15

Just thought I would write this little article detailing the latest customer we here at Toronto Barbell has dealt with. Colin Townes purchased a Flat Bench and a Power Rack with the works. There was some customisations required with the Power Rack because of height available, and he also wanted to be able to secure the back of the rack a heavy piece of plywood which would hold a Rock Climbing board to it. This is not a problem, as we pride ourselves here on being able to customise most of the equipment available on our website. Without further ado, read below for Colin’s comments he recently sent to me, as well as some before and after photos of the small space we had to work with. Enjoy!

Hey Mark, the rack arrived today. Wow. The thing was a breeze to assemble, and I say this as a person who is all thumbs and who has no proper tools (just a crappy $10 socket set from a discount store). Honestly, the hardest part was getting the bubble wrap off! everything went together smoothly after that.

This rack is a beastly piece of kit, I am certain that my grandchildren will be teaching their kids to squat in this thing. After they’ve finished teaching them to squat, they’ll run them through the bench press on your flat bench too! My gym will outlive me and I’m only just 30!

I’ve been around enough racks to know quality when I see it, and you sir have made a very quality piece of equipment:

– The spacing of the holes on the uprights will allow very precise hook and pin positioning (essential when bench pressing alone, as I do).

– The rollers on the J hooks will allow for accurate centering of the bar, even when loaded, without stressing the knurling on my not inexpensive barbell.

– The layout of the weight storage arms mark you (‘scuse the pun) as a man who knows as much about lifting as you do about welding heavy duty steel; space for 450mm plates on the top two arms (at about hip and chest height), perfect for easy loading of the heavy weights, while the lower arms hold the smaller, lighter, plates.

I must also compliment you on your exceptional service, my reverse facing chinup bar is a treat and you’ve even drilled the plywood for the front portion to match the custom drill holes you put in the rack for me. Above and beyond, my friend.

I’ll send through some further update pictures when I get the plywood and hangboard mounted (probably next weekend), but for now here are a couple of pictures of the gym in all its glory. I think I will call it “the Thin Gentleman’s Hoisting Room”.

I hope my numbers start matching my setup some time this year – I’ll send you some video when I’m not an embarrassment to the male species any more.

Thanks for everything, do stay in touch.

Regards, Colin Townes [A very satisfied customer]

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