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Ed Coan

This interview was originally published on the 29th November, 2014.

Nearly everyone involved within Powerlifting worldwide knows who Mr Ed Coan is. I messaged Ed several times through Facebook, and he always answered whatever question I had to ask thoroughly, quickly, and to the point. When I mentioned I would like to send him an interview to fill out, he was only too willing to answer any questions I had in mind. As it turned out, Ed was in Sydney, Australia [not far from me] a few weeks ago & we managed to catch up to do the interview on video. Ed & his girlfriend were extremely hospitable towards me when I spent a few hours on the Saturday morning with them – even showing me the view from their hotel room overlooking the beautiful Sydney Harbour. I hope you enjoy this interview.

Some interesting moments from the interview –

0.14 – Some video highlights of gym and competition lifting

7.05 – Thoughts on Westside Barbell’s influence

10.23 – Mindset when recovering from his knee injury years ago

11.43 – Competing again

13.50 – Powerlifting camaraderie

15.35 – Nutrition & supplements

17.37 – Are lifters nowadays stronger then those of yesteryear

18.17 – His biggest influence & opening up in the squat

19.04 – His training these days & his website Strength I.c.

19.35 – Some funny moments from before the interview started

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