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Custom Reverse Hyper Review [7 / 1 / '08]

Andrew Levell – P.E. Teacher Cronulla, Sydney, Australia, Monday 7 / 1 / ‘08

"In the day and age where people are after your dollars and care little about the customer it was refreshing to find a bloke who does business like Mark from Toronto Barbell. I had read about his products from other weightlifters on T-Nation and they seemed very happy with their gear. So I emailed Mark and outlined the specifications I required for a Reverse Hyper. I needed the machine to be scaled down a touch to fit into a confined space, whilst being adjustable to ensure verstaility for a variety of different users. I also wanted the machine to have a strap and roller attachment just like the pro model that "EliteFts" sell.

Anyway, after shooting several emails back and forward to nut things out, the design was set and Mark started work. I enjoyed getting the updated pictures of work completed. It was kinda cool watching a pile of blue steel transform into a functioning machine!

And then, the final picture was sent. It was painted black with black uplhostery and looked awesome. I hoped it would "feel" the same way. Mark drove close to 2 hours to deliver the machine. (Who the hell does that ?) Talk about putting yourself on the spot if your product sucks......two hours from home at the customers house. One thing is for sure, Mark is confident about his product and rightly so.

I am very happy with my Reverse Hyper. Whilst he was here, Mark detected a functional issue with my GHR that I bought from another source. He is making a modification to bring it up to par.

If you need equipment that is functional and does what it is supposed to do, look good, and would like certain aspects of it tailored to your needs - then you are in the right place, Mark from Toronto Barbell can certainly rise to the task.

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