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Custom Power Rack Review [30 / 1 / '10]

Anthony Biddle, OAM Paralympic Champion, 2004, Track Cycling Saturday, 30 / 1 / ‘10

Hi Mark. I wanted to send through feedback for your website. "I recently purchased the Toronto Barbell power rack for my home gym. As I primarily train alone the main reason i wanted the rack was for the safety aspect. I have now performed two max effort sessions (lower & Upper body) using the rack and could do this with complete confidence. Prior to getting the rack I had to choose the weights I would attempt very conservatively for fear of failing and having to dump the weight or roll a heavy barbell down my body. With the ability to adjust the height of safety pins in such fine increments you can ensure every lift can be completed in safety. Marks racks are built rock solid, from quality materials and look great. Adding the Toronto Barbell power rack to my gym has made it possible to perform many more exercises I was not previously able to do such as rack pulls, pin presses, pull ups and many other variations of these. Mark provides great customer service and I highly recommend purchasing your next piece of strength equipment from Toronto Barbell. Regards, Anthony Biddle, OAM Paralympic - Champion 2004, Track Cycling"

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