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In The Beginning


Toronto Barbell was born on 2nd August 2005, to provide functional, heavy duty and most importantly, SAFE gym equipment. This was partly out of frustration because I was becoming increasingly frustrated at the lack of genuine training equipment available in Australia at the time, and the more than excessive cost of having to ship in equipment from overseas.


Having a long background [25+ years] in heavy metal fabrication as a qualified Boilermaker, and a love for all things in the iron game, I took matters into my own hands and started designing, customising, and manufacturing equipment.

The Journey


In the years since, a huge variety of athletes and non athletes who wanted to become bigger, faster, and stronger, have benefited greatly from this equipment. Just look at the Feedback page of our website for proof of that.


I have been a competitive Powerlifter since 1993 after a long Rugby League career. In this time I have represented Australia on numerous occasions, won many local, N.S.W. State, and Australian national titles and records.

This background gives me "in the trenches" knowledge to get your equipment right.

The Future


We all know that the best and most unique pieces of equipment are born out of necessity in home gyms across the planet. Most gym equipment suppliers have standard stock sizes that are run of the mill, straight off the shelf kind of stuff.


A cornerstone of Toronto Barbell is that we can customise most pieces to suit your needs. With consultation, we can even design and build a new piece especially for your own gym.


Toronto Barbell aim to continue to be a leader in this field for many years to come.

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